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Red Storm
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The story of a popular Pop Queen with mob DNA. When she seeks help from her Godfather, the truth is revealed to the public and dangerous and deadly events take over the lives of Red Storm and her band. The colorful piano playing lead singer of Storm Works, Red Storm, takes her multi-talented band and dance troupe to sold out venues up and down the East Coast. The singer / composer has a well deserved reputation for perfection that has propelled their award winning music company to the top of the charts and kept them there. Contrasting with her wild stage shows is the unbelievably quiet life she leads away from her performances, in a condo with a stunning view of her brain drain, Central Park. She goes to church on Sundays. She contributes millions to charities but concentrates on her favorites; no kill animal shelters and music schools. A native born New Yorker, Amanda Storm lives and breathes her city and the social activities being friends with the mayor affords her. Living with her is her best friend, Samantha Righetti. A native of Oklahoma, she was hired as the singer's personal assistant, but time merged the smart and practical Sam and the creative Storm into a warm and close relationship tighter than twin sisters. Rounding out a trio of improbable friends is Jacqueline Jones, agent for Storm and all of Storm Works. Her ability to push Amanda Storm in directions she doesn't want to go keeps them all on their toes, especially considering the quiet diva has a hair-trigger temper. Life is good for the twenty-five year old, five foot two, brown haired Amanda, who has been on her own since her parents passed in her teen years. But everyone has secrets, even New York's favorite pop star. And when secrets are revealed about a very public and respected personality, life can change drastically. A photo of Red Storm and Tony Russo, Manhattan mob boss, sitting in a bar holding hands sets off a firestorm that alters Amanda's future. What's in that future once that relationship is brought to light? Certainly affiliation with the mob can be nothing but damaging. Guitars and guns don't mix, but Amanda Red Storm sees it as necessary as her mob connections become known. Personal tragedy, loss of her band, loss of her friends, and loss of her mind as problems mount, push Red Storm closer to new associations that are not fan friendly and Amanda must decide who she really is.

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